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Initially both armies were filled with volunteers, but as time went on a draft became necessary. The North held the first draft in U.S. history. For the south the draft was enforced by the Confederate Home Guard.

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In speaking about the US Civil War, several methods were used to enhance their military powers. Each side implemented draft laws, the first ever in US history. In the South, in early 1865, Black soldiers were added, very little, to Southern forces. Also, during the war, some Native Americans fought for the South notably at the Battle of Pea Ridge. The North won that battle and based on instructions from Washington, Union soldiers massacred Natives who aided the North in Oklahoma.

Southerners also executed Black Union soldiers (shameful). In March of 1863, the Union drat was passed. Draft riots erupted in New York City for almost 5 days. The main victims were free Black men. Eleven were "lynched", and a Black Orphanage was burned down. Over 100,000 freed Afro-Americans served with honor in Union armies.

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The US Civil War had gone on longer and with more casualties then most people had expected. Volunteers on both sides were reduced so conscription laws were needed. In 1862, the Confederacy introduced a draft law and one year later in March of 1863, the Union did also. Neither peoples in the war liked the idea of forced combat duty. Later the Union added freed slaves to augment their armies.

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Q: What did both the North and the South do to help recruit more troops in the US Civil War?
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How did the north and the south recruit troops after the initial excitement of the war disappeared?

Passed a draft

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