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Homestead act, which was signed by Lincoln, was made to encourage people to move west. Government would give people who were willing to move out in the west land, in exchange for a small fee and a requirement of living on that land for five years before it officially became theirs

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Q: What did cogress pass in 1862?
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When did Battle of Apache Pass happen?

Battle of Apache Pass happened in 1862.

When was the battle of the Sabine Pass?

September 24, 1862

How many representatives are in cogress?


When did Battle of Picacho Pass happen?

Battle of Picacho Pass happened on 1862-04-15.

When did First Battle of Sabine Pass happen?

First Battle of Sabine Pass happened on 1862-09-24.

Who is your cogress?

If you mean congress, that would be a lawmaking body.

What act did congress pass in 1862 that provided 160 acres?

The Homestead Act

When did president Lincoln pass the homestead act?

Lincoln passed the homestead act in 1862.

Where in Arizona was a civil war battle fought?

Picacho Pass, April 15, 1862

When did they pass the law that slavery wasn't allowed?

The Emancipation Proclamation was passed on September 22 1862.

What did congress pass in 1862 that provided 160 acres of free public land?

the homestead act

What was the outcome of the Battle of Sabine Pass?

There were two battles of Sabine Pass. the first one was on September 24, 1862 in Texas. This was a minor battle which was a Union victory.