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Because of how healthy the crops were compared to other unhealthy alternatives

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Q: What did farmers believe raised the price of crops?
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What was one outcome of price supports for farmers?

Surplus crops

What was farmers alliances?

Farmers from the south west and the south began an association for growing crops. They bought, sold & grew crops for each other at a lower price.

Why did crop price drop after World War 1?

Farmers overproduced crops.

What hardships did farmers face in the 1800s?

Some of the hardships that farmers had to face were railroads charging excessive prices for farmers in the West to ship/store crops than those in the East, the price of crops was decreasing, and farmers had to mortgage their land to buy more property, which the banks would foreclose. Does this help?

What are the Advantages and disadvantages of price support?

to improve the situation of farmers, the govt. bought crops at regular prices to help the farmers and sold them low, to help out the consumers.

What was the farmers' alliance?

The Southern Farmers Alliance was an organization which founded with the basis of fighting for the rights of the farmers. The top leader of this alliance was Dr. Charles W. Macune.

Federal payments to keep the prices that farmers receive for their crops from dropping below a minimum level?

Farm price supports

What is advantage of cash crop?

The advantage of cash crop is that the farmers get cash price of their products sold to a middleman or MNCs engaging them. The cash price received by the farmers can be used for repayment of loan, for buying seeds, fertilizers etc.This enthuse the farmers to cultivate multiple crops in a year for monetary benefits.

As farmers become mechanized what happed 1865-1900?

Farmers spent more than they made. The cost of production was too high and the price of the crops was too low. Just like today.

How do farmers sell their crops?

Grain is trucked to a elevator. They determine price based on weight, bushel's, or moisture content. Tomatoes are sent to a local cannery and sold by weight. Some produce is sold at "farmers markets". The bulk is sold to distributors who process it and in most cases can it.

If the demand for farm products is price inelastic a good harvest will cause farm revenues to?

:Reduce because even though the farmers will have more crops to sell, most everyone else will as well which will make prices comptetive. With the production of so many crops comes the complementive price of growing these crops. With this in mind, because price is inelastic and suppliers would receive the same price for the product in demand whether or not there was a surplus, they would benefit if their were not that many crops in the market to compete with (hence lowering their income.)

How can the farmer profit if he has a bumper crop?

the farmer may get a higher price for the crops with a contract than if he or she waited for the harvest and bid with many other farmers waiting to sell