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An agricultural subsidy

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Q: What does the federal government call the price supports provided to American farmers?
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Who established a new government in Hawaii in 1893?

american farmers

What did farmers wanted from the government?

1790, American farmers wanted fair tax laws and the right to settle western lands.

What did farmers want from the new national government?

1790, American farmers wanted fair tax laws and the right to settle western lands.

Explain how loan supports and deficiency payments work?

Deficiency payments are government payments to compensate farmers for all or part of the difference between producer prices

Where was it were a queen ruled until American sugar farmers revolted an took over the government?

It is Hawaii!

Why did pisistratus give land to farmers?

He wanted the poor to supports him

What was one outcome of price supports for farmers?

Surplus crops

Who were likely to receive land provided by the Homestead Act?

Plains farmers

Was a soddy a structure that provided shelter for the livestock?

Frontier Farmers.

How do substities help American farmers?

It's money that the government gives farmers to encourage them to keep growing corn, wheat or soybeans or keep raising livestock like they always have.

How did the government supports settlement of the west?

The Homestead Act made provisions for farmers who built a house and worked a claim of forty acres for a certain number of years to eventually own the land.

Whom did Jefferson believe was the strength of the nation?

Thomas Jefferson's believed that in order to achieve strength in the national government people such as the farmers must be involved in politics. He felt that big businesses would destroy the freedoms that were provided by the US Constitution.