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Q: What did george mason propose to include the constitution?
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What did George Mason porpose to include in the constitution?

to lay off the taxes

Who had the name george and did not sign the u.s constitution?

George Mason

Why is George Mason important in US history?

George Mason was truly one of the Founding Fathers. He penned the Virginia Constitution which later became a groundwork for the US Constitution and especially the Bill of Rights. George Mason did not sign the constitution because he felt it was inadequate in its control of government power. George Mason is considered one of the proprieters of Libertarianism.

What did george mason demand be added to the constitution?


Who refused to signed The US Constitution?

george mason

Who is commonly referred to as the Father of your Constitution?

The father of the Constitution is James Madison, and the father of the Bill of rights is George Mason.

Did George Mason contribute to the constitution?

George Mason was a great American and an even greater Virginian. Mr. Mason contributed to the establishment of the Virginia government and was satisfied with the Articles of Confederation and highly opposed to the U.S. Constitution in 1787/1788 and voted against it.

Which founding father argued against the constitution?

George Mason

How did george mason help write the US Constitution?

my mom

Why did george mason want to write a new form of government?


Who argued that the constitution could be changed if problems arose?

george mason

What was something the Federalist wanted?

for the constitution to be signed starting with george mason