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If you study old newspapers from the 1930s, you would think you were in current day America, since the country was quite polarized about the presidency back then, as it is today. Democrats generally approved of and admired President Roosevelt; they believed he had helped America emerge from the Great Depression, and they believed most of his policies were having positive results for the economy. But Republicans had a different view-- they accused him of spending too much, expanding the role of government, and stifling his critics. However, the Republican critique was not the view of most Americans. Roosevelt remained very popular, and most people agreed that he had put America on the right track. That is why he was re-elected by a wide margin.

The biggest legacy Roosevelt left us is Social Security, an important piece of legislation intended to protect senior citizens. Roosevelt also became known for his use of radio, and while other presidents before him (especially President Coolidge) had used it, Roosevelt showed that radio could help to shape and enhance the president's image. His "Fireside Chats" comforted and reassured the public. The use of media (later, this would include TV and then internet) to project a certain image would be emulated by many presidents, including President Kennedy and President Obama.

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Q: What did many Americans feel about Roosevelt and what are some of the things he did that still help people today?
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