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He hated anything that he believed set the little man at a disadvantage. So he did not like big companies, shady congressional spending, etc. However above all else, President Jackson truly hated the National Bank. He vehemently objected to its existence and was suspicious of the influence it had over the nation's economy.

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Andrew Jackson desired that the government of the US be more open to the people. He reduced political cronyism and nepotism and appointed those who were actually qualified for the position.

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Q: What did president Jackson do in order to make the government more inclusive and democratic?
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Who was the first Democratic US president?

The first president nominated by the modern Democratic party was Grover Cleveland. The modern Democrats have some ties to the party began by Andrew Jackson, so one can make a case the Andrew Jackson was the first Democrat to be President. (Thomas Jefferson is sometimes called the first(small d) democratic president , as opposed to the federalists who wanted a stronger federal government at the expense of state and local government and individual freedom. )

Who was the president that was the first Democratic president?

Grover Cleveland was the first member of the modern Democratic Party to win the Presidency . He first won in 1884. Before the Civil War, Andrew Jackson won in 1828. He was the founder of the Democratic Party that lasted until it split over slavery in 1860.

Who was the democrats?

Andrew Jackson was the first democratic president.

Who did the democratic republicans support for president in the election of 1828?

Andrew Jackson

How did Democrats get its start?

The Democratic Party was founded around 1828. Andrew Jackson is considered to be the first Democratic president.

What kind of government did Andrew Jackson believe in?

He believed in a Democratic Republic. Jackson believed in the kind of democratic republic that was established by the US Constitution. However, he did favor some changes, one of which was to choose the electors for president by direct popular vote.

What party is Andrew Jackson affiliated with?

He was originally a member of the Democratic-Rupublican Party. When he ran for President the second time, his supporters said he was a member of the Democratic Party.

Andrew Jackson was the first candidate to elected president of the US from which party?

Democratic Party

What controversial actions did Andrew Jackson do while he was president?

Founded the Democratic Party

Who was president of the US when the Democratic-Republicans were splitting into two different parties?

Andrew jackson

What was the name of Jackson's political party?

His beliefs were in line with Jeffersonian-Republicans, in the election of 1824 he was considered a Democratic-Republican, by the 1828 election he dropped Republican and became the first president of the Democratic party. Don't confuse his Democratic party with the modern Democratic party. The names/party is the same, but ideas on the role of government are different.

What is something significant or historical events while Andrew Jackson was president?

the begining of the democratic party