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one dollar a month

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Q: What did the Central Pacific Railroad pay the Chinese workers?
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What was the ethnicity of the workers who built the central pacific railroad?


What were the nationality of the workers on the Central Pacific Railroad?

Chinese emigrant workers were used to build Central Pacific Railroad. It is estimated that 12000 such workers were employed which was 90 percent of the total work force.

Which railroad did Chinese workers work for during the transcontinental railroad?

The Chinese worked mostly under the Central Pacific railroad company.

How many Chinese workers helped build the central pacific railroad?

Around 10,000 Chinese workers helped build the Central Pacific Railroad as part of the Transcontinental Railroad project in the United States during the 1860s. They played a significant role in the construction of the railroad, especially through the difficult and dangerous work in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Who were the workers of the central pacific railroad?

Irish, Chinese, and Americans... The most important jobs were given to the Chinese and Irish. Lots of men died >.< If you want more information, go check or or something like that xD lol.Thanks for reading this ^.- (winky winky =P LOL)

How did the Central Pacific railroad company treat Chinese workers?

The Central Pacific railroad took advantage of its Chinese immigrant employees. They would pay them significantly less than the unskilled white workers. The company didn't provide the complementary food and lodging for them that was enjoyed by the white workers. Also, the Chinese were given the most dangerous of the jobs, which led to the death of about 10 percent of the company's Chinese workforce.

What workers did the union pacific and central pacific railroad companies pick?

All workers were needed

The central pacific relied on what workers?

The Central Pacific relied on primarily Chinese immigrant workers to help build the transcontinental railroad in the United States. These workers faced harsh conditions and discrimination during the construction process. Their contributions were essential to completing the railroad.

Who built the transcontinental railroad-?

The Union Pacific Railroad and The Central Pacific Railroad Companies were formed to build the railroad. Many of the CPR workers working east from California were Chinese-Americans and many of the UPR workers building west from Nebraska were Irish immigrants.

Who were the workers for the Union pacific railroad?

a high percentage were Chinese

Irish workers and the transcontinental railroad?

They helped because of a food famin and needed more money.

Where did the central pacific railroad hire workers from because of the shortage workers in California?

i think its ireland..