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Native Americans were either captured or chased to 'missions' where they were often held at gun point, or other threat, and made to say they believed in 'God.' Because this was a legal qualification required by law, once they admitted this they were considered 'heathens' and under the direct control of the church. They were then used for all forms of labor, mostly mining gold and silver.

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The Native American Indians had to live at Carmel Mission while the government was trying to contain all of the Native Americans on reservations. The Native Americans at the mission were treated very badly. They were beaten and starved. Many died.

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They were there because they were helping the Missions Santa Clara de Asis building something

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dont know

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They were plowing feild, feeding animals, and growing crops and produce.

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Q: What did the Native Americans do at the Carmel Mission?
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What did the native californians do at the Carmel mission?

They owened the land and the goverment tryng to contain all of the Native Americans.

Why was mission San Berromeo Carmel important to Father Serra?

He liked it because a lot of native Americans went there and helped the mission so he decided that would be his favorite mission.

Was the US treatment of native Americans fair?

technically, carmel apples

What languages were spoken in mission Carmel?

The languages spoken at Mission Carmel in California were primarily Spanish and some Native American languages such as Miwok and Esselen. These languages were used in daily interactions between the Spanish missionaries, soldiers, and Native American converts who lived and worked at the mission.

How many native Americans lived at mission santa cruz?

1,2450 native americans

What did native Americans eat at the mission?

The Native Americans eat plants and steak when they are at the mission called Mission San Juan Capistrano.

How Native Americans live in mission 4?

i need to know how native Americans live in mission4

What is the mission in Los Angeles?

the mission was to convert native americans into christans

Why did native Americans to live in a mission?

the spanish attaced the natives americans

What did the padres at missions san Francisco teach the Indians?

Once they converted the mission Native Americans they taught the Catholic religion. Basically the mission system kept the Native Americans at the missions as slaves. They couldn't leave the mission and historians have found mass graves of Native Americans.

Where is the Carmel Mission Foundation in Carmel California located?

The Carmel Mission Inn is located in Carmel, California at 3665 Rio Road. It is in a great central location for exploring all of Carmel and the Monterey Peninsula.

Did the native Americans like their life on the mission yes or no?