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The missions didn't help the Native Americans. Many were killed by the priests and put into mass graves ( the graves are still there), they were not allowed to practice their cultural rites or to speak native languages, and they were required to work at the mission. I think even worse than the mission system was the government Native American schools. Children were taken from their parents and tribe to live at the schools. They were not allowed to speak native languages or learn the traditional things about their tribe.

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Q: What effects did the missions have on native Americans?
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What is one way that spanish missions helped the native Americans?

one way is that when the native Americans were inside of the missions, it would protect them from attacks by the rival native Americans.

Why did the native Americans choose to live in the missions?

because the native Americans wanted to

Who started the missions?

The Native Americans.

What are missions in Social Studies?

Missions are areas where priests converted Native Americans to Christianity. The Native Americans would also be taught how to read and write in their own language in missions.

How did the missions affect the native Americans?

by helping them

How did he affect the Native Americans?

the effects arre the native americans are dieing

Who lives in the California missions?

Missionaries, priests, padres, and many numbers of Native Americans lived in California missions.

How many meals do native Americans in missions have?


Why are the native Americans nessary to the missions?

so they can work

Why did the native Americans resists coming to live in california missions?

becuse they were sad about he missions

What missions were used for?

Missions are used to convert Native-Americans to Christianity. In the US southwest, Spanish missions were usually devoted to converting Native Americans to Catholicism.

Why did te Native Americans end up living at the missions?

Forced to? or were dependent on the missions' resources.