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Q: What did the colonist do to oppose British taxes?
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Why did colonist oppose British taxes?

The simple answer is Taxation Without Representation, although it was far more complicated.

How did the colonist oppose the British taxes?

By active resistance such as the Boston Tea Party, boycotting English products and by smuggling.

What was one effect of british taxes on colonist?

One effect of the new British taxes on colonist were protests.

How did the colonies oppose British taxes?

They made the intolerable acts to oppose the british taxes, they Used the Quartering Act, Stamp Act.

What was one effect of new british taxes on colonists?

One effect of the new British taxes on colonist were protests.

Why did the British taxes make the colonists angry?

why did the british make the colonist angry

Why did colonist oppose the stamp act and the townshend acts?

These taxes were examples of taxation of the colonists who had no representation in Parliament.

Why did the colonists oppose the taxes imposed after the French and Indian War?

the colonist simply didnt want to pay thier fair share of taxes

How did colonist respond to british taxes?

The colonists did not respond well to British taxes. These colonists were outraged that they were being taxed the way that they were.

What did the colonist do to let the british know they were against new taxes?

They stopped buying british goods

Why was the brithish taxing colonist fair?

because the colonist owedthe money to the british because the british gave them a free life with no taxes and free food

Differences between the colonist and the British?

British wanted to help pay for the french and Indian war and the colonist all didn't like the taxes and didn't agree