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Originally, congress was to decide who was next in line for office after the Vice President. The 25th Amendment changed presidential succession to what it is today.

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Q: What did the constitution originally say about presidential succession?
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What does article 1 of the us constitution say about the president?

Article 2 of the Constitution outlines presidential and vice presidential, terms of office, succesion, duties, oath of office, impeachment, and executive powers.

Which presidential role did not come from constitution?

One is that of head of his political party. The Constitution say nothing about parties because parties did not really arise until after the Constitution was ratified and elections were contested.

Who started the tradition of the vice president becoming the president when something happens to the president?

The order of succession to the Presidency is stated in the US constitution; you might say, therefore, that it was started by the Founding Fathers (and probably James Madison in particular, since he was particularly involved in the writing the constitution).

When does it say in the constitution is the presidential election?

The election of the president is every 4 years and with the passage of the 22 amendment a president can only serve 2 terms for a total of 8 years.

How do you used succession in a sentence?

you have to say it in a certain sentance.

What is another way to say passing the baton?

plan of succession

How do you say originally in Spanish?

Originally in Spanish is: originalmente. You could also say: Primero.

What is the greatest source of power for the president?

One of the greatest source of power for a president is the constitution. The presidential power includes being the commander in chief of the armed forces and the chief executive of the country among others.

What does the original constitution say about voting?

Only that citizens have the right to vote for a US Representative if they are able to vote in the largest house of their state's legislature. People did not have the right to vote, granted by the Constitution, for anything else including Senators and the President/Vice President. Some states did have popular voting for Senators and Presidential Electors at the time, but it was not required. It is still not required for states to allow popular voting for Presidential Electors, however all states practice this.

What is the order of succession when the president cannot fulfill his duties?

Impeachment, I would say.

What the constitution say world 4 world?

No, the constitution does not say "world 4 world" at any place in the text.

What does preamble of the constitution do?

It states what the constitution is going to say.