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Before the Mongol invasion, Chinese officials were selected through civil service exams. After the invasion, this system was eliminated.

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Q: What differences were seen in China before the Mongol invasion and after the Mongol invasion?
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Who won the mongol invasion of china?

the Mongols

What country built a long wall to hold back a mongol invasion?


Did china fought any war?

China has fought many wars in its long, and ancient history. The invasion by Genghis Khan and the Mongol tribes, to the invasion by the Japanese, in more modern times, to name only two.

Who was the mongol leader in china during the mongol dynasty?

Kublai Khan

Mongol rule in China was a time of order and?

Mongol rule in China was a time of order and peace (after the Mongol conquests). It is called Pax Mongolica after Pax Romana in Rome.

What is the period of mongol control of china known as?

Mongol empire, Mongolian dynasty...

What happened to Chinese scholars during to Mongol rule?

the mongol ruled china

Why was the great wall of china built 2000 years ago?

to serve as a barrier against Mongol invasion from Alvin124 ok so the built the barrier and maybe it is because people (immagrents) may come to live there because it has some rare stuff or it is becaus people are bad people and the go to china to rob some rare stuff im trying to be helpful

What was one change in education in the late middle ages?

People from japan and china collited for educational purposes only they were in war before because of mongol emperors and mongol villages they tried to fight the mongols off but japan and china were in a dispute

How did the mongol helped china?

They unified China with their magical toes

What is the mongol Ascendancy?

it was a period of mongol rule in china under kublai and genghis khan

What mongol leader led his forces to victory over the song army of china in 1279 which set in place mongol control of china?