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Local government collects local taxes, it provides local services such as the emergency, social, housing and medical services

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Q: What does Cardiff local government do?
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Is there a local and national government in wales?

Yes - Local Government are councils the national government is The Welsh Government based in Cardiff

Is Cardiff A Local City Around Wales?

Yup. It's actually IN Wales in fact!

Did Cardiff telephone numbers ever have only five digits?

Prior to the conversion to area code 029 with 8-digit local numbers in the Big Number Change in 2000, Cardiff was area code 01222 with 6-digit local numbers. If you go back in time, it is quite likely that Cardiff had 5-digit local numbers, and may also have had a mix of 5- and 6-digit numbers for some time.

Where in the UK is the mini parliament of wales?

The Welsh Government is at the SENEDD (said senith) in Cardiff

What is L.G.U?

Local Government Unit.

What is difference between local government and local self government?

The difference between local government and local self government is that local government has a more limited scope of power. Local self government is able to make more decisions.

What is the full name for Cardiff?

There is no full name for Cardiff Cardiff is called Cardiff

What is the difference between local government in America and local government in Britain?

Local government in the United states is less directly answerable to the national government than is local government in Britain.

Where can one find Cardiff City Council online?

Cardiff's government website provides information about the City Council. Available on the website are committee agendas, minutes and reports, and a list of the Councillors and how to contact them.

What is the castle in Cardiff called?

Cardiff Castle is located in Cardiff, Wales.

What are the difference between local government and local government administration?

The differences between local government and local administration is in their function. Local government is a devolved level of government that offers public administration while local administration can be offered by various organizations that offer some form of local leadership.

Differences between local government and local administration?

compare and contract local government and local adminstration