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states government

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Q: What is local government a subunit of?
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What is an accurate statement about local government?

Local government is loosely defined as a public organization authorized to administer and decide a limited range of public policies. The local government is at the bottom of the government food chain.

What is the subunit of Decibel?

The bell is a large unit, so a subunit, a decibel, is usually used. There is no subunit of decibel.

Which is NOT a smaller subunit of a nucleotide?

Glycerol is not a subunit of nucleotides. Glycerol is a subunit of triglycerides and phospholipids (types of lipids).

What is L.G.U?

Local Government Unit.

What is difference between local government and local self government?

The difference between local government and local self government is that local government has a more limited scope of power. Local self government is able to make more decisions.

What are the four main organic compounds and their subunits?

The four main organic compounds are carbohydrates (subunit: monosaccharides), lipids (subunit: fatty acids and glycerol), proteins (subunit: amino acids), and nucleic acids (subunit: nucleotides).

What is the difference between local government in America and local government in Britain?

Local government in the United states is less directly answerable to the national government than is local government in Britain.

Subunit that makes up fat?

The subunit that makes up fat is called triglyceride.

What are the difference between local government and local government administration?

The differences between local government and local administration is in their function. Local government is a devolved level of government that offers public administration while local administration can be offered by various organizations that offer some form of local leadership.

Differences between local government and local administration?

compare and contract local government and local adminstration

What is the local government of Oregon?

The Mayor heads local government.

When was Local Government Chronicle created?

The Local Government Chronicle was created in 1855.