What does domocracy mean?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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It is a form of government in which the people rule themselves directly and continuously, without the need for professional politicians or public officials.

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it means.... YAY

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Q: What does domocracy mean?
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What is mean Representative Domocracy?

democratic ambassadors that are cruel spirited people.

Is Costa Rica a domocracy or dictator?


Did the ancient Athens in Greece not have a domocracy?

Yes, ancient Athens was actually the birthplace of democracy.

When did Australia become a domocracy?

Australia became a Commonwealth, and democracy in 1901. Previous to this it was organised inot states and colonies.

Liat all the changes towards the Australian democracy that have occured from 1885?

list all the changestoward domocracy that have occurred from 1885.

Is Guyana a domocracy?

Technically speaking, yes, Guyana is a democracy. It has a democratically el;ected president, prime minister and national asembly.

Who has the most power in civilizationthe leaders or the citzens?

This could be debated for eternity without an answer that would satisfy everyone. I am going to say neither. They are equal. They balance each other out, at least, in the case of a domocracy like the USA. The leaders make the decisions, and the people generaly control the flow. If leaders do something the people don't like, as we've seen in the past, they have the power to protest and persuade change. In a general standpoint of civilization, they are equal in all Normal cases of government. Again, there's no answer, this is just my opinion.

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