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It means that he's the father of is f*****g country, douch bag!

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Q: What does father of his country mean?
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What does pater patriae mean?

father of the country

What country is the father country?

If you mean of the USA, then it would be England, but the more commonly used phrase is "mother country."

Who was our father your country?

Scince England was our mother country Scotland was our father country, Wales was our aunt contry and Ireland was our unhappy uncle country

What was the patriarchal nickname given to George Washington?

A patriarchal nickname given to Washington is "Father of our country."

Who is the father of your US country?

George Washington is known as the Father of the Country for the US

What president nickname was father of your country?

George Washington is referred to as the Father of Our Country.

Baracks father is from what country?

His father was from Kenya.

What is the name of the father of the Father of our Country?


What is George Washington's nick name?

his nik name was father of his country

Who was referred AA the father of his country?

George Washington is often referred to as the "Father of His Country" for his role as a founding father of the United States and his leadership as the first President of the country.

Who was the father on your country?

where is the answer

What country was referred to as the father country?

The United Kingdom