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Q: What is the name of the father of the Father of our Country?
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What is George Washington's nick name?

his nik name was father of his country

What is George Washington's patriarchal name?

The Father Of Our Country. (:

Which is correct father's name or father name?

"Father's name" is correct. The apostrophe indicates possession, so "father's name" means the name belonging to the father.

Why my father's name is correct and my father name is not correct?

The apostrophe in father's name is possessive, as namebelongs to father.

What country is Shia LaBeouf's father from?

The United States. Shia LaBeouf's father is Cajun from Louisiana. His last name is French.

What was the patriarchal nickname given to George Washington?

A patriarchal nickname given to Washington is "Father of our country."

What is Benedict Arnold's real name?

His real name is actually Benedict Arnold the Sixth. His father and his father's father and his father's father's father and os on are name Benedict Arnold.

Baracks father is from what country?

His father was from Kenya.

What did Father Connolly do for the Catholic Church?

You would have to be more specific about which Father Connolly, complete name, country, and a century would help.

Who was our father your country?

Scince England was our mother country Scotland was our father country, Wales was our aunt contry and Ireland was our unhappy uncle country

Why what is your Father's name is correct?

The apostrophe in father's name is possessive, as namebelongs to father.

Which one is right What is your father's name or What is your father name?

"What is your father's name" is the correct way to say it.