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Q: What does it mean for and elected official to be impeached?
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Who can be impeached and who can impeach?

any elected official

Are impeached official can run for a new public office such as senator?

Yes. Impeachment does not mean to be removed from office, it means to have charges brought against the elected official.

Why can a public official be impeached?

Impeached means brought up on charges. So, if enough people think an elected official did something illegal, there may be a process to impeach the official.

What does it mean for an elected officials to be impeached?


Does impeachment of the president have to go through the senate?

Yes and no. First, to be impeached does NOT mean to be removed. Also, not all elected officials can be impeached, for example the president, VP and federal judges CAN be impeached. If an elected official is impeached, it means he/she is formally charged with one or more crimes. The US House of Representatives impeaches with a majority vote. The impeached official must now stand trial in the US Senate. The 100 Senators act as the jury and the VP, as President of the Senate, acts as the judge, unless the person on trial is the president or himself/herself. In this case the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court acts as the judge. A 2/3 vote of the Senate is needed to convict the accused and remove him/her from office.

When was Rafael correa elected as president?

he was elected in 2003 when cenero moneres was impeached

Who was elected as president of senate when okadigbo was impeached?

my mama

Where is an official impeached?

Federal officials can be impeached in the House of Representatives. If a simple majority of the House votes for impeachment, the official proceeds to trial in the Senate.

Which Missouri state official can be impeached?

The Governor

How is an elected official of the US Government removed from office?

The members of Congress must have a vote to remove the official from office. But, another government official must have evidence (such as a crime record, or testimony from an alleged mistress) of why the other official should be removed from power.

What does the term impeachment mean and what of the two houses impeaches?

Impeachment means to bring a formal charge of criminal wrongdoing against an elected official (you are thinking of the President). It does NOT mean trying them. The House of Representatives conducts Impeachment proceedings. If the President were impeached by them (has happened 2 times) then the President would be tried by the Senate.

Who was the first elected president of Iran?

The first elected President of Iran was Abulhassan Banisadr. He was elected in January of 1980, and impeached in June of 1981.