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redefines how the President and Vice-President are chosen by the Electoral College, making the two positions cooperative, rather than first and second highest vote-getters. It also ensures that anyone who becomes Vice-President must be eligible to become President.

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With the 12th, Electors are directed to vote for a President and for a Vice President rather than for two choices for President.

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they wanted independence to the Bill of Rights whas to take away the the intolerable acts

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Q: What does the 12th amendment say in layman's terms?
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What amendment say that a president can only be elected two terms?

The 22nd amendment says that no one can be elected President more than twice, and anyone who has served more than 2 years of someone else's term as President can only be elected to one full term.

Your legal right to express your political opinions to government officials is granted to US citizens under which amendment to the Constitution?

Yes, this is considered to be covered by the First Amendment, which grants, among other freedoms, freedom of speech, allowing any US citizen to say anything they want to anybody.

What does the fifteenth amendment of the constitution say?

that states cannot limit the voting rights of individuals on the basis of race

Which amendment had no impact on the Constitution since it repeals one of the others?

That would be the amendment repealing prohibition. The 18th amendment established prohibition, and the 21st repealed it. However, to say that these amendments had no impact on the Constitution is not correct. The 18th amendment became part of the Constitution as truly as any other part, and the 21st did also. This had a major impact on the Constitution, and on the people as well.

What was the number of the amendment for judged by your peers?

Although people generally BELIEVE this is in the Constitution of the US, it does not say specifically that you are entitled to a trial by "a jury of your peers."What it DOES say (in the Sixth Amendment) is that you are guaranteed the right to "a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed."

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What does it mean to say the 22 amendment is a political amendment?

The amendment that limits the amount of terms for a person to have only two four-year terms as president in office.

What does virtually mean in laymans terms?

Practically, basically, almost, etc.. For example, you could say, "Flying a kite with no wind is virtually impossible." Practically, basically, and almost easily interchange with virtually.

What does the 11 amendment say in layman's terms?

The 11th amendment protects a state from lawsuits filed by citizens of other states or countries. Example: A Californian can't sue Florida.

How do you say 12th street in French?

"12th street" is "douzième rue" in French.

What amendment say that a president can only be elected two terms?

The 22nd amendment says that no one can be elected President more than twice, and anyone who has served more than 2 years of someone else's term as President can only be elected to one full term.

When does it say in the constitution is the presidential election?

The election of the president is every 4 years and with the passage of the 22 amendment a president can only serve 2 terms for a total of 8 years.

What amendment did this problem create and what did it say?

This question can't be answered. The amendment is not given.

Can Obama get a third term?

The 22nd amendment to the US constitution sets the term limits at 2 terms. That said, there has been a proposal to appeal that amendment, and one never knows what could occur within a time of global economic crisis and war. Never say never...

What amendment gives people the right to say what they want?

Freedom of Speech - Amendment #1

What amendment say every person accused of a crime is entitled to a lawyer?

the 6th amendment

Which amendment says you do not need to say anything to incriminate yourself?

The Fifth Amendment == The Fifth Amendment which the Fourteenth Amendment makes applicable to State and local governments.

Basic explanation for the 12th amendment?

The 12th Amendment describes how the electoral college votes for the the President and Vice-President, and how the Senate has the actual final say on who will be the next President and Vice-President. Essentially, following the election, the electors for each state, who are generally bound to vote for the candidate who received the most votes in their state, cast their votes and send the results to the current President of the Senate. The President of the Senate (who is also the current Vice-President), then reads the results out to the entire Senate, and the electoral votes are tallied. Thus are the results of the election confirmed. The Amendment also provides that, in the event of a tie between two or more candidates, the names of the top three are to be sent to the House of Representatives, where each state's delegation can cast one vote for the candidate of their choice. In this event, two-thirds of the states (67) must be present, and a majority (51) states must cast their votes for the same candidate.