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1.The Constitution goes on to explain the duties and responsibilities of the president.
The Constitution says that executive power is vested in the President in the Executive Branch.

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Actually that's the president!!

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Q: What does the US constitution say about the executive branch?
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What effected the creation of the executive branch?

Article II of the US Constitution describes the executive branch of government.

What are The duties and structure of the executive branch are found in?

The duties and structure of the executive branch of government are found in the US Constitution. More specifically they are defined in Article 2 of the Constitution.

Which branch of government is defined in article III of the US Constitution?

The executive branch

What are the Laws of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government?

The US Constitution

In which article of the US Constitution is the leadership of the executive branch authorized?

The powers of the executive branch were laid out in Article II of the United States Constitution.

Were does the Executive branch gets it power?

the executive branch gets its power from the constitution. The federal executive branch is empowered by Article II of the US Constitution, subject to the "checks and balances" of the other two branches and by the People (as part of the political process).

Article II of the US Constitution details the duties of what?

the executive branch.

What branch of government does article 2 of the us constitution define?


What is the general purpose for the second article in the US Constitution?

the executive branch

Article II of the Constitution established what branch of government to enforce US laws?

The executive branch.

Article II of the US Constitution establishes this branch of the federal government?

executive branch of government

What parts of the US Constitution lays out the powers and composition of the executive branch?

article 1