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It is a large bill. In the middle on the front it has a picture of a man with an axe, a dog and a woman holding a baby. It also has the picture of Andrew Jackson on the bottom left. On the back of the bill in the middle it has a swirl design. On the right it has a note describing the punishment for counterfeit and fines.$5_1907_United_States_Note.jpg

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Q: What does the five dollar bill of 1907 look like?
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How are five dollar bill are similar to 50 dollar bills?

Both five dollar bills and fifty dollar bills are considered legal tender in the United States, they are issued by the US Treasury and can be used for purchasing goods and services. Additionally, both bills feature portraits of Presidents (Abraham Lincoln on the five dollar bill and Ulysses S. Grant on the fifty dollar bill).

What is the Value of 5 dollar bill with consecutive serial numbers?

The value of a five dollar bill is five dollars. It's not clear what you mean by "consecutive serial numbers." If you mean that the bill's serial number looks like "12345678" or something, then a collector might be willing to pay a small premium for it as a curiosity. If you mean that you have two or more five dollar bills where the serial numbers are consecutive, they're worth five dollars each, period.

What does Abraham Lincoln look like?

There are numerous pictures of Lincoln all over the web, and his portrait is on the Five Dollar Bill.

What does it mean when you dream about five dollar bills?

The dream suggests that you are concerned about something you need or want that costs more than you can afford. The five-dollar bills represent money in general, but you might also have childhood memories of being given a five-dollar bill when that seemed like a lot of money to you.

What does president Abraham Lincoln look like?

There are numerous pictures of Lincoln all over the web, and his portrait is on the Five Dollar Bill.

How much is a five dollar bill worth if the back was all a gold color?

If you mean like the one in the Related Link, it's worth five dollars; they are brand new.

Is a dollar bill truly shaped like a rectangle or rectangular prism?

A dollar bill is truly shaped like a rectangle.

Who is pictured on the one dollar bill coin?

yes I can it looks like a dollar bill with a dollar suck on some how in about the midle

How do you fold a one dollar bill to look like a ten dollar bill?

dont think its possible!?!?

What is like a three dollar bill?

The phrase "like a three dollar bill" is often used to describe something as fake or strange, as there is no such thing as a three dollar bill. It implies that the thing being referred to is not genuine or authentic.

What are different forms of money?

different forms of money are like pennies and a 10 dollar bill or a 50 dollar bill....things like that

What does a US twenty dollar bill look like?

Andrew Jackson's picture is on the US twenty dollar bill.