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They are kept in the inert gas argon with a slight humidity to keep the documents flexible.

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Q: What gas are the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution stored in?
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What gas is found in the display cases of the Declaration of Independence the Bill of Rights and the Constitution to help preserve them?


What kind of gas is enclosed with the Declaration of Independence?

Argon gas and some humidity to keep the document from drying out.

What type of gas does the encasement for the declaration of independence contain?

The encasement for the Declaration of Independence contains a mixture of argon gas and filtered dry air to help preserve the document. Argon gas is commonly used in museum settings as it helps to inhibit the growth of mold and halts the degradation of the ink and parchment.

How is the declaration of independence perserved?

It is kept in a sealed case filled with argon gas at the National Archives Building in Washington, DC

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What has been done to preserve the Declaration of Independence?

According to The Blaze, "After undergoing careful inspection for further erosion in 2003, the document was resealed in a titanium casement filled with inert argon gas."

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