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In the US, it would have to be the Occupational Health and Safety Administration of OSHA.

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Q: What government agency oversees safety in the work place?
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Is there a food safety agency in China?

As of October 2013, there is no one body or agency that is responsible for food safety in China. While there are food safety regulations in place, there are around ten different national government departments that implement these regulations.

Which branch of the government oversees the Department of Consumer Affairs?

The Department of Consumer Affairs of California is overseen by and part of the California State and Consumer services agency. This sort of organisation will be in place for all Departments of Consumer Affairs for each state and the federal government.

Where can one find policies relating to health and safety at work?

The best place to find policies and information about health and safety in the workplace is by talking to OSHA. OSHA is a government agency that sets safety and health standards for companies.

Occupational Health and Safety is the main federal agency charged with what?

Occupational Health and Safety is the main federal agency charged with ensuring the safety of people in the work place and public safety. All business and public bodies have to comply to health and safety rules.

Is Vuelos Baratos a safe place for tourists to visit?

That is a good question. I wouldn't take the advice of a travel company or property on the safety of travel to Brazil. Your best bet is to contact the government department that issues travel visas, or your customs agency to inquire about tourist safety to this destination.

What does a health and safety executive do?

English Agency comparable to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in the US. The Health and safety executive is responsible for setting and enforcing standards regarding work place safety and health issues.

Which is the government agency responsible for prohibiting discrimination in the work place?

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

What government agency regulates small business loans?

The government agency that regulates small business loans is the United States Small Business Association. There is a large network in place to assist in all areas of small business.

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UK systems weren't designed by any one agency or person. Several of our main roads were originally put in place by the Romans, others have been added by civilians out of necessity, tradesmen, the aristocracy, etc. Currently, the Government oversees and tries to improve the major transport networks, with towns and counties having the main oversight over the 'lesser' routes.

Where can someone find information about a debt recovery agency?

The government website for the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada has a lot of information posted about debt recovery agencies. If you are looking for information about a specific debt recovery agency then their official website is a good place to start.

When was A Place of Safety created?

A Place of Safety was created in 1999.

Where is NASA in Canada?

The CSA (Canadian Space Agency) is Canada's national space agency, and is tasked with training of Canadian astronauts, maintenance of the Canadarm on the ISS and the RADARSAT system, and maintaining Canada's place as a leader in space technology. NASA is an agency of the American government and has no jurisdiction in Canada.