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If you mean the US, several parties have been short lived. For example, the Anti-Federalist party only lasted from 1789-1792, the American (also known as Know-nothings) party lasted only from 1854-1858, the States Rights Democratic Party (Dixiecrats) only lasted 1 year in 1948, and the American Nazi Party only lasted from 1959-1967.

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Q: What government parties have been short lived?
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What happens when a compromise bill has been negotiated?

the parties involved come to a bill that everyone agrees to (a compromise. ) In some government situations, the bill has been processed to a point that it cannot be vetoed.

What are the political features of Hawaii?

Historically there have been three main niches of parties: Right-wing, Moderate, and Left-wing or Contemporary. The Hawaii Republican party the oldest and single Right-wing party and has been the sole party at times in Hawaii's history. There have been two moderate parties in the history of Hawaii the Hawaiian National Reform party and the Democratic party of Hawaii. Left-wing or Contemporary parties tend to have short life spans lasting a few decades. It should be noted that because these parties may not hold seats, they are not necessarily powerless in influencing the government, the Communist Party of Hawaii used strike actions while the Aloha Aina party of Hawaii used petitions. Most officers of the federal and state governments have been historically elected from the Democratic Party of Hawaii and the Hawaii Republican party. Municipal charters in the state have declared all mayors to be elected in nonpartisan races.

Did George Washington do anything to stop political parties from forming?

No he did not, but that was because it was not in his power to do so. He was of the Federalist philosophy, but the Federalists were not an organized political party like today's parties are. Essentially the Federalist and Republican party (of Jefferson and Madison) were just men of like-minded philosohies who worked together to make the government into what they thoguht it should be. As far as stopping political parties from happening, not only was it beyond anyone's ability, but it might have been considered unconstitutional under the First Amendment, as violating free speech and assembly and redress of government.

Minor parties in the us have usually been organized around?

Minor parties, or third parties as they are usually called, are candidate based parties like the George Wallace's American Independence party. They are usually organized around an ideology.

What is roles do political parties play and why?

Political parties have an important role to play in inducting/influencing members of the society in direct/indirect political participation in governing the state.The state has been assigned a function with the will of the people and by the people to govern by indirect representation through members elected in a political party. The non governing political parties become oppositions and expose the policies and the weaknesses in governing of the government by elected political party of the state to the people.

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What is the most single issue parties have been?

short lived

What is the most single-issue parties have been?

short lived

Why have most single issue parties been short lived?

They died away as events have passed them by, as their themes have failed to attract voters, or as one or both of the major parties have taken their key issues as their own.

Most single-issue parties have been what?

Most single-issue parties have been short-lived and have struggled to gain widespread support due to their narrow focus on a specific issue. They often find it difficult to compete with larger, more established parties that have broader platforms addressing multiple issues.

What type of minor party has been longest lived?

Birthday parties

Which type of minor party has been the longest lived?

Single issued parties is the oldest

Is Netherlands socialist?

The current government of the Netherlands is comprised of the conservative liberal VVD and the Labour Party. Socialist or communist parties have been or are part of parliament, but have never been in government.

Why have coalition government been necessary in Italy?

Many political parties exist,and no single party has been strong enough to gain control

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What use functions have minor parties performed in American history?

to link the public and the national government it has been like this since the civil war

What are some rutherfordium facts?

Highly radioactive and short lived so very few tests have been done on it. It is a metal

What political parties have been in power in england since 1950?

The Labour Party and the Consevative Party. The present government is a Conservative Lib/Dem coalition. In local government the Lib/Dems are sometimes in power.