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The major issue in 1692 was the Salem Witch Trials.

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Q: What happened in 1692 in America?
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What was the name of the witch trials of 1692?

The Salem witch trials happened in 1692.

What year did the Battle of Glencoe take place?

The so-called 'Massacre of Glencoe' took place in 1692.

Why did it happen Salem 1692?

The Witch trails happened.

When did Action at Barfleur happen?

Action at Barfleur happened in 1692.

What year were the Salem witch trials start?

It all happened in 1692.

What happened to giles Corey in 1692?

Giles Corey along with his wife, Martha Corey were accused of practicing witch craft. They were both killed, Giles in 1692.

When did Battle of Steenkerque happen?

Battle of Steenkerque happened on 1692-08-03.

When did Mohawk Valley raid happen?

Mohawk Valley raid happened in 1692.

What happened in the examination of Ann Puddeater in 1692 at the court testimony in Salem Massachusetts?

She was hanged as a witch

What happened to Abigail Williams after 1692?

The legend has it that Abigail turned up later as a prostitute in Boston.

What happened on the 1st January 1692?

Witchcraft in Salem. On March 1, 1692, Salem, Massachusetts authorities interrogated Sarah Good, Sarah Osborne, and an Indian slave, Tituba, to determine if they indeed practiced witchcraft. So began the infamous Salem Witch Trials of 1692 .

Tensions in Salem in 1691 and 1692?

The Salem witch trials happened.