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Q: What happened in New York in 1848 and what was the work modeled after?
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What was one result of the women's rights convention held in Seneca fall New York in 1848?

Young women were inspired to work for equal rights for women.

Can you get disciplined at work for an incident that happened out of work hours?

if it happened where you work then yes if it happened at a bar for example the no

When was the Hoosac Tunnel built?

Work on the Hoosac Tunnel began in 1848 and was completed in 1875.

In what year did work begin on the Washington Monument?

Excavation for the foundation of the Monument began in early 1848

What work the the Canterbury Tales modeled after?

The Canterbury Tales is modeled after the frame narrative literary tradition, particularly the Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio. It features a group of pilgrims telling stories while on a journey, showcasing a wide range of characters and social perspectives. Chaucer's work also draws inspiration from French and Italian poetry of the time.

When did Louis Pasteur's mother die?

She died in 1848 not to long after Pasteur got rewarded for his work on molecular asymmetry .

What is the duration of New York Goes to Work?

The duration of New York Goes to Work is 1800.0 seconds.

What event accelerated the need for ready-made work clothes?

A milestone event that dramatically accelerated the need for ready-made work clothes was the Gold Rush of 1848.

Is new york going to work as a ghost hunter?

Yes, she went to work as a ghost hunter on the show "New York Goes to Work".

When did New York Goes to Work end?

New York Goes to Work ended on 2009-06-29.

When was New York Goes to Work created?

New York Goes to Work was created on 2009-05-04.

Is there draughting work done on a oil rig?

Yes, there is extensive draughting work done on all modern oil rigs. The entire system is modeled in CAD including some 3D cad work, which eliminates the need to build a small scale model.