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Q: What happened to John Brown as a result of his attack on the federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry Virginia?
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Why did John brown attack the federal arsenal at harpers ferry in Virginia?

The arsenal provided additional ammunition for raids in Kansas.

In 1859 John Brown and a band of his supporters attacked a federal arsenal at?

Harpers Ferry, Virginia.

Site of federal arsenal where a militant abolitionist attempted to start a slave rebellion?

harpers ferry, Virginia

Why did John Brown raid the arsenal at Harpers Ferry?

Harpers Ferry, Virginia (now West Virginia) was a small town, where a Federal Arsenal was located. Brown became convinced that if he started an uprising among slaves by providing weapons and strategy, the revolt would spread across the entire south. Thus, by raiding the Federal Arsenal at Harpers Ferry, he, his sons, and men could seize weapons and provide them to slaves, during what he envisioned as a revolt.

What was Johns Brown goal in raiding the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry in 1859 was to do what?

Brown's goal was to obtain weapons from the arsenal in order to arm slaves and cause a slave uprising in Virginia

In 1859 John Brown seized what Federal arsenal?

Harpers Ferry

Who was the abolitionist who led an attack on a federal arsenal in harpers ferry in 1859?

John Brown

Where did john brown break into the federal arsenal to try and arm slaves for a slave revolt?

Harpers Ferry

Site of federal arsenal where a militant abolitionist?

The site of the federal arsenal where a militant abolitionist, John Brown, led the famous raid in 1859 is Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. Brown, along with a group of followers, hoped to incite a slave rebellion by seizing weapons from the arsenal. The raid was ultimately unsuccessful, and Brown was captured, tried, and executed.

Which abolitionist hoped to inspire a slave revolt by raiding the federal arsenal at harpers ferry in 1859?

John Brown

Why is Harpers Ferry historical?

"John Brown's Rebellion" was an attack by a small group of men on the federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry, VA (now Harpers Ferry, WV) on October 16, 1859. Brown hoped to steal weapons and arm the slaves in Virginia to rebel against slavery. Brown was captured, tried, convicted of treason, and hanged.

Site of a famous raid on a federal arsenal?

Harper's Ferry, Virginia