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Generally, the US Supreme Court will hear a case from US District Court on direct or expedited appeal if:

  1. The case is of such national or constitutional importance it would clearly be appealed to and accepted by the Supreme Court anyway; or
  2. The case involves legislation in which Congress specified appeals of District Court decisions must go directly to the Supreme Court (bypassing the Circuit Court).
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Q: What has to happen for the Supreme Court to hear a case from a US District Court?
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If either party is a federal court case what is to challenge a district court ruling or she can then turn to what court?

Supreme Court :)

What Is the process for appealing a case?

For state prosecuted offenses: Circuit (or District) Court > Court of Appeals > State Supreme Court (and if a Constitutional question is involved) > US District Court > US Court of Appeals > US Supreme Court.

Where was the heart of atlanta motel v us case originally tried?

the NOrthenr district court for Georgia heard the case before the supreme court.

In what order did the events in the Tinker case happen?

To Protest the War students wore armbands and were suspended Students Sued the school district for not allowing them the right of freedom of speech Lower courts ruled in favor of the school district Students took the case to the Supreme court and won

Which court would handle the first appeal of a case tried in a higher level state trial court?

The State Supreme Court

What supreme court case allowed internment camps to happen?

What are the features of a dbms

What does it mean when a US District Court decision is reversed and remanded for further proceedings?

It means the US Supreme Court disagreed with the decision of the state supreme court on that particular case, and sent the case back to the state court with specific instructions on what action needed to be taken to correct the problem.

Can decisions reached on a question of law by a state supreme court may be appealed to the US Supreme Court?

Yes, sometimes. Certain US District Court decisions can be appealed to the US Supreme Court on direct or expedited appeal, if the case involves a statute in which Congress specified initial appeals go directly to the Supreme Court, or if the nature of the case is such that it is important and will undoubtedly be appealed all the way to the Supreme Court, anyway.The normal route for US District Court cases is an appeal to the US Court of Appeals Circuit Court over the District Court's Circuit, then petitioned to the US Supreme Court if a party is dissatisfied with the Circuit Court's decision.

What is it called when the supreme court hears a case for the first time?

When the Supreme Court is the first court to hear a case (which is very rare) it is said to have "original jurisdiction." What I think you meant was, when the Supreme Court considers an issue it has not thought about before, it is called "a matter of first impression."

Was Emmett Till's court case a supreme court case?

No it was not a supreme court case, but a state case because it was held in the local court

What is it called when the supreme court hears a case that has already been heard in court?


How does a case reach the supreme court which is not under their original jurisdiction?

The Supreme Court ultimately has jurisdiction over EVERY case heard, provided the case involves a preserved question of federal or constitutional law. Also state law. A case reaches the Supreme Court through the appeal process. If a case originated in state court it's appealed from the court of original jurisdiction to a state appeals court, then that decision is appealed to the state Supreme Court, and from there to the U.S. Supreme Court. If it's a federal case it originates in Federal District Court, goes to the Circuit Court of Appeals, and from there to the Supremes. Occasionally, the court may agree to hear a case directly if it has national significance. Remember the Court's infamous role in the election of 2000.