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Because If they did anything they would get more punishment.

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Q: What impact did the slave rebellions have on the slave system?
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How do you think slave rebellions affected the instituion of slavery?

Slave rebellions resulted in increased restrictions for slaves.

How did slave rebellions affected the institution of slavery?

Slave rebellions played a role in shaping the institution of slavery by instilling fear in slave owners and highlighting the brutality and inhumanity of the system. In some cases, rebellions led to stricter laws and harsher treatment of slaves by slave owners in an attempt to prevent future uprisings. However, rebellions also inspired slaves to continue resisting their oppression and seeking freedom, contributing to the eventual downfall of slavery.

Were enacted to try to prevent slave rebellions?

slave codes

Southern planters believed that the system of slavery would be weakened by?

Southern planters believed that the system of slavery would be weakened by abolitionist movements, slave rebellions, and economic factors such as declining profitability of slave labor.

What impact did the plague have on Europeans sociallyeconomically and culturally?

Black Death caused many rebellions. It changed economy and social system.

Were there any slave rebellions?

Look up John Brown

What did most slaves do when slave rebellions broke out?

Took no part

Who led rebellions against slave owners?

Nat Turner

Did Gabriel Prosser lead or plot slave rebellions?


What best characterizes the reaction of Southerners to the slave uprisings?

The Southerners blamed the slave rebellions on the Northern abolitionists.

What was one of the earliest slave rebellions in Colonial America?

Stono Rebellion

Most slaves did what in slave rebellions that broke out?

Most slaves actively participated in slave rebellions by resisting their captors, organizing escape attempts, or engaging in acts of sabotage. Rebellion was often a way for slaves to challenge their oppressive conditions and seek freedom.