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rebellions were motivated by frustrations in political reform

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Q: Why did the rebellions of 1837 happen?
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What were the reasons that Rebellions of 1837 failed?

The Rebellions of 1837, which happened in Canada, lacked popular support among with public, which is one significant reason why the rebellions failed. The participants also lacked sufficient military experience.

Why was sir francis bond head important to the 1837 rebellions?

he was a Lawyer

Who was sent by great Britain to investigate the rebellions of 1837 - 1838?

Lord Durham

When did Desmond Rebellions happen?

Desmond Rebellions happened in 1569-06.

When did Three Rebellions in Shouchun happen?

Three Rebellions in Shouchun happened in 251.

Did canada fight a war to gain independence?

No, although around 1837 rebellions against the British occurred.

What was British response to the rebellions of 1837?

The British sent troops to squash the rebellion and arrest Patriote leaders.

How did the family compact provoke the rebellions of 1837?

The Family Compact Refused to help out the poor farmers. So the farmers attacked them with pitchforks.

Why aboriginal peoples tended to avoid involvement with the Rebellions of 1837?

Aboriginal peoples tended to avoid involvement with the Rebellions of 1837 because they were discriminated back then. Colonists also displaced Aboriginal peoples and disrupted or destroyed their cultures. Colonists wanted fixed boundaries, surveys, roads, and most importantly, land they could own. These goals conflicted with the culture, lifestyle, and economy of the Aboriginals. After suffering such a big loss from losing their lands and culture, the Aboriginals probably didn't want to invite any more trouble. As a result, they stayed away from the Rebellions of 1837.

Were the rebellions of 1837 successful?

yes? ??????????????????????help???????????????

What were the causes of the rebellions of 1837-1838?

the long term causes of the rebellions are because upper Canada and lower Canada were fighting and the rebellions was with upper and lower Canada and because they were very rude and mean people so they fought over dumb things like land or trade.

When did Ngatik massacre happen?

Ngatik massacre happened in 1837.