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He was Chairman of the Constitutional Convention , member of the House of Burgesses. Justice of Fairfax County, Virginia, and President of the USA.

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Q: What is George Washington offices held?
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What are some other offices held by George Bush?

he was governor of texas.

What date did George Washington build Washington D.C.?

George Washington did not build Washington, D.C. It was named after him. It held it's first assembly in 1800.

Where was George Washington's inauguration held in 1789?


What did Martha Washington do after George Washington became president?

Martha held formal dinners on every thursday.

How old was George Washington at the beginning of the constitutional convention?

George Washington was 55 years old at the beginning of the Constitutional Convention. The convention was held in 1787 in Philadelphia.

What was George Washington's early career?

In George Washington's early career he was a surveyor by trade. He held his first public office as a surveyor for the Culpeper Company in 1749.

When did George Washington run for the presidency?

The election was held in 1788 and 1789. Washington took office in April 30, 1789.

What rank was George Washington in the Continental Army?

George Washington was a General of the Continental Army in the 18th century, the Continental Congress later elected George Washington as the Commander-In-Chief. Making him "General George Washington Commander-In-Chief of the Continental Army" he held this position through most of the American Revolution.

Which president decided that thanksgiving would be held on November 4?

George Washington, i beleive.

Was George Washington ever held as a prisoner of war?

yes, in the french-indian war

Where was the first inauguration?

It was first held in the USA, George Washington was the first president to have an inauguration.

When was the first held hand game invented?

1709.Before George Washington became a president.