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i think its appropriation bill

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its an appropriation

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Q: What is Money set aside by congress for a specific purpose?
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What money set aside by Congress for a specific purpose?

its an appropriation

An area set aside for a specific purpose?

actully the right anwser is reservation sorry but your not right thats not even and anwser

Ths amount of the mutual insurer's owners equity that has not been set aside for any specific purpose or money reserves?

Surplus Reinsurance

What is the purpose of the griffin?

It was commonly presented that griffins were guardians of great treasures or items of importance. Aside from that, they didn't have a specific purpose.

Is money set aside by formal action for a specific use?


Which term means to set aside?

The term "reserve" means to set aside for a specific purpose or for future use.

What is the purpose of business money?

In the most simple of descriptions, the purpose of business money is ready capital that is set aside by a business only for company/business purposes. It is not the same as petty cash because this money has only a business related purpose.

Special spending projects set aside on behalf of individual members of congress for their constituents are known as?

earmark or earmarked money.

What is a dedicated apartment?

A dedicated apartment is one set aside for a specific purpose. This might be a model apartment for showing potential customers.

What is the purpose of wealth creation?

The purpose of wealth creation is to have a nest egg in case of an emergency. By having money put aside you don't need to fall behind on bills and can pay for treatment.

In a Sinking Fund cash or cash assets are set aside for what purpose?

A bond sinking fund is a restricted asset of a corporation that was required to set aside money for redeeming or buying back some of its bonds payable.

Who originates appropriations?

Appropriations are a kind of act where money is set aside for specific use. Appropriations originated in the late 14th century.