What is a branch?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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a piece of wood

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Q: What is a branch?
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What are himalayan branches?

The branches of the Himalayan Bank include Thamel Branch, Maharajgunj Branch, New Road Branch, Patan Branch Bhaktapur Branch, Teku Branch, Kalanki Branch, Chabahil Branch, Sorahkhutte Branch, and many others.

What branch of government commands the nations army and navy?

The legislative branch.

What are types of branch accounting?

Dependent Branch Independent Branch Foreign Branch

What is the routing number for the Agricultural Bank of China Zhejiang Branch I need the number to be able to send a wire transfer to an account at the Zhejiang Branch?

I only have the swift code if this helps - ABOCCNBJ110not really.The code is different from different branches.Here is the complete list:Branch Name swift code Shanghai Branch ABOCCNBJ010 Beijing Branch ABOCCNBJ090 Tianjin Branch ABOCCNBJ020 Shanxi Branch 山西 ABOCCNBJ040 Neimeng Branch ABOCCNBJ050 Liaoning Branch ABOCCNBJ060 Heilongjiang Branch ABOCCNBJ080 Jiangsu Branch ABOCCNBJ100 Zhejiang Branch ABOCCNBJ110 Anhui Branch ABOCCNBJ120 Fujian Branch ABOCCNBJ130 Jiangxi Branch ABOCCNBJ140 Shandong Branch ABOCCNBJ150 Hubei Branch ABOCCNBJ170 Hunan Branch ABOCCNBJ180 Guangdong Branch ABOCCNBJ190 Guangxi Branch ABOCCNBJ200 Hainan Branch ABOCCNBJ210 Sichuan Branch ABOCCNBJ220 Yunnan Branch ABOCCNBJ240 Shanxi Branch 陕西 ABOCCNBJ260 Gansu Branch ABOCCNBJ270 Xinjiang Branch ABOCCNBJ300 Xinjiang Nongken Branch ABOCCNBJ301 Chongqing Branch ABOCCNBJ310 Dalian Branch ABOCCNBJ340 Qingdao Branch ABOCCNBJ380 Ningbo Branch ABOCCNBJ390 Shenzhen Branch ABOCCNBJ410 Henan Branch ABOCCNBJ160

The arrows in the illustration represent checks on the power of each branch of government which branch of government fits in each blank?

A=legislative branch; B= executive branch

What branch sends messages to congress?

Legislative branch Legislative branch = Congress Judicial branch = courts Executive branch = President and cabinet

Which branch decides if the actions of the executive branch are constitutional?

The judicial branch. The Supreme Court is the Judicial Branch of the US Government.

Which branch makes the laws?

The Legislative branch (Congress).

Which branch carries out laws made by legislative branch?

the executive branch

The presidents branch is what?

a branch that the president is in. The executive branch

What branch explains laws whenever there is a disagreement over them?

judicial branch

How does the branch interpret laws?

The branch responsible for interpreting the meaning of laws and how they are applied and if they have been broken is the judicial branch. The branch responsible for making the laws is the legislative branch.