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A presidential appointment is one to a position in the judicial branch, the presidential Cabinet, or in any federal agency within the behemoth that is our bureaucracy. Many appointees undergo a nomination process where they are either confirmed or rejected by the United State Senate. There are several thousand other appointments to other positions as members of boards and heads of agencies which do not require confirmation. Those which require confirmation by the Senate are designated in the Constitution or in legislation which establishes the position involved. Military commissions require confirmation, as well.

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The congressional appointment is the process in which the House of Representatives is redistributed to each state according to its population. Every 10 years, the number of representatives each state sends into the House of Representatives changes according to how many people live at that moment in the state.

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Q: What is a congressional appointment?
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The process of redetermining how many representatives each state gets?

The process of redetermining how many representatives each state gets is known as the United States congressional appointment. This appointment process is based on the overall population distribution throughout the country.

What do the articles of the Constitution explicitly outline?

The process by which congressional representatives are allocated to states

When Barack Obama was elected president of the US he was a senator from Illinois how was his vacated senate seat filled?

Vacated congressional seats are generally filled by appointment by the governor of the state.

What is the appointment of the US House of Representatives?

The 435 members of the House of Representatives aren't appointed officials. They are elected by the voters of their States and Congressional Districts (within the states) to two-year terms of office.

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