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A similar but by no means identical event to the Acadian Deportation could be the forced march of the First Nations people to the reservations in Oklahoma. Similarities might also be drawn to the expulsion of Jews from Spain, and possibly to the plight of the Palestinian people today in the Middle East. A similarity could also be drawn to the Holocaust. In essence, the Acadian Deportation was the elimination of a people from a particular territory, something that has occurred several times in history, by differing methods, some less harsh, but many more so.

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Q: What is a similar event to the Acadian Deportation?
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What is grand derangement?

It means the big deportation. If you google it you will find a history of a deportation of acadian settlers from Nova Scotia

Where did the acadian deportation occur?

the acadian deportation occured in eastern Canada because the acadians where french and a war with the french was looming. to prevent the acadians from becoming spies, the british gave the acadians a choice... join us, or lose everything. many left for France and others went to the united states.

What has the author N E S Griffiths written?

N. E. S. Griffiths has written: 'Studying history' -- subject(s): History, Study and teaching 'Penelope's web' -- subject(s): Feminism, Social conditions, Women 'The Acadian deportation: deliberate perfidy or cruel necessity?' -- subject(s): Acadians, History 'The Acadian deportation' -- subject(s): Acadians, History, Nova Scotia

What are the effects on US from the acadian deportation?

them acadians were deproted cuz them british were all like get off my land and the acadians were like no so them brits deported them to the americas to be the slaves.

When and where did the Great deportation take place?

The Great Deportation, also known as the Acadian Expulsion, took place between 1755 and 1763 in Acadia, which is present-day Nova Scotia, Canada. British authorities forcibly removed around 10,000 Acadians from their homeland as reprisal for their refusal to pledge allegiance to the British crown.

Which 1920 event resulted in the deportation of over 500 suspected anarchists and leftists?

The Palmer Raids

Why was the great deportation important?

The Great Migration was important. The reason all theese people left to come to B.N.A is because there were more job oppertunities more land and more freedom. Black slaves were rescued and smuggles over to where we now know as Canada, because they couls live a better life. this was important because is this never happend lots of people would have died and Canada possibly would never have been called looked or been like Canada.

When was Acadian redfish created?

Acadian redfish was created in 1854.

When was Acadian Ambulance created?

Acadian Ambulance was created in 1971.

When was Acadian Driftwood created?

Acadian Driftwood was created in 1975.

What was the great deportation?

The Great Deportation (1755-1763), also known as "the Great Acadian Expulsion", took place when the British were worried that the French would rebel against them. They made the Acadians sign an oath of neutrality, and later an oath of allegiance that meant they would fight against the French, their own culture. Many would not sign and were deported from their lands by the British. --- When the Acadians were forced by the British to fight for them in wars against France, they refused. Angered, the British shipped them off to the Thirteen Colonies, and other places in the New World (notably Louisiana). More than 14,000 Acadians were shipped away, and nearly 5000 died in the process.

Where can one find more information about Acadian ambulances?

You can find information about the Acadian Ambulance service at the official Acadian Ambulance website. You can also find information about Acadian Ambulance on the Wikipedia page devoted to the company.