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Just about ANY definition...has a large bureaucracy. :)

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There are two well known government that have a large bureaucracy. The two government with large bureaucracy are the Untied States and Canada.

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The united states, Canada

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Q: What is a well known government today with a large bureaucracy?
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What is a well known government today that's has a large bureaucracy?

The united states, Canada

How is a bureaucracy like most governments today?

had many jobs

How is the Chinese way of life today similar to the han china?

we have rules such as they had bureaucracy

What do most liberals believe about America today?

The government should play a large role in the economy.

What is Modern Bureaucracy?

Modern bureaucracy is a system of organization characterized by rules, procedures, and hierarchical structure to manage complex tasks efficiently. It emphasizes specialization, impartiality, and adherence to established procedures. Max Weber's concept of bureaucracy is a foundational framework in understanding the organization and functioning of modern institutions.

The idea of keeping government out of religion is known as the .?

This is a concept known as "separation of church and state." This was a big issue in the civil war and today it still is.

What are three major sources of bureaucratic power.?

Three sources of the major bureaucratic power are size, expertise and delegation of power. As the USA has grown in size, the budget of the bureaucracy has as well, and money has a lot of influence in the world today. In our 300 plus years of being the United States, the people in power have gained more and more expertise in the government as the years go on, which helps the bureaucracy to make good decisions when it comes to its power. The bureaucracy also has delegated its power to a wide array of agencies, which has only expanded its influence over the years. (found this answer on a test in my university's government & politics class.)

What are the top 2 rarest diamonds in the world?

They are probably not known today, but probably large and probably red.

What country today could be called a stratocracy?

A stratocracy is a form of government headed by military chiefs, but is not the same as a military dictatorship. A stratocracy is a form of government where the state and military are the same thing. Today, Myanmar would be known as a stratocracy.

Arpanet What do you call this today?

ARPANET was started in the late 1960s by the federal government, industry, and educational institutions. Through the following decades, it evolved into what is known as the Internet today.

Compared to today's civil service system early American bureaucracy was?

more reliant on the patronage system to select employees

What are to reasons early immigrant left their homelands and came to the land known today as the US?

For a better way of life, land and economicaly (still is today). Their government was not good. (Jewish people still is today).