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does the maya government still exist today yes or no

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Q: Which form of government is still in existence today?
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Are all anaerobic extinct?

There are still some anaerobic microorganisms in existence today. Botulism is a form of anaerobic bacteria that can cause human harm.

Is the Philippines presidential form of governtmen still the best form of governtmen for the country?

is the phillippines unitary government. Still the best form of government for the country, or is it time to Adopt the federal form of government ?

Which early civilization had a republican form of government for part of its existences?

ancient Rome had a republican form of government for part of its existence. It had several forms of government throughout its history, including oligarchy and monarchy.

What form of government does Japan have today?

Japan today has a constitutional, parliamentary monarchy.

What is Europe form of government?

Europe's old form of Government was the Monarchy, but most of them today are democracy

What form of government is used in Italy today?


What describes the government of the roman republic?

Their form of government has influenced the democratic governments of today.

Does japan have a communist state?

No. Japan was a monarchy ( still has a emperor as a figure head of state) until WW 2. At the end of the war the United States was in control of the government for several years and it created a parliamentary form of government . This is still the government today. They have a prime minister instead of a president.

How did the ancient Romans influence the form of government you have today?


What form of government in the people's republic of china today?


In a unitary and totalitarian system who makes the laws?

A Totalitarian government is not a single base form of government, it is an administrative type of government that requires a base form of government to exist. You can have a, Totalitarian: Dictatorship, Monarchy, Oligarchy, Democracy, etc. but you cannot have a 'free form totalitarian' government as it has no base existence.

Counties use a commission form of government?

Yes, the commission form of government is still used in most counties.