What is coersive acts?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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the coersive act closed Boston Harbor until the Massatusetts colonists paid for all of the ruind tea!

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Q: What is coersive acts?
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What were The Intolerable Acts also referred to as?

the Coersive Acts was the name given to them by the colonists.

What was the colonists name for the Coercive Act?

the colonists nicknamed the coersive acts the intolerable acts..

Were The Intolerable Acts made by the king or the colonists?

The Intolerable Acts (also known as the Coersive Acts) were a series of laws passed by the British Parliament in response to the Boston Tea Party.

What were the Coersive Acts?

the coercive acts were punishment for the people of Massachusetts for dumping over one million dollars worth of tea into the Boston harbor. they are also called the intolerable acts.

In what year was the intolerable act created?

There was never any Intolerable Act created. This was a name given by some colonials of what was to become the U.S.A. to a series of Acts by the British government that they felt unreasonable and unjust. These are properly known as Coersive Acts and were created in 1774

Did Boston Tea Party come after the Declaration of Independence and before treaty of Paris?

First it was the Boston Tea Party,then the Coersive Acts(also known as the Intolerable Acts),then the first continental congress,then Lexington and concord,then second continental congress,then finally the Declaration of Independence.

Who included a tax on imports to the other colonies?

some taxes were on tea,and paper goods. it was the coersive acts

What is the meaning of coercive?

Coerse means force someone to do something. Coersive is the adjective form of the word coerse.

What is the definition of coersive power?

Coercive power is similar to reward power in that it involves O's ability to manipulate the attainment of valences.

What power can do with a leader?

he has reward power legistimate power coersive power expert power referental power leader have all type of power at last he has many power

What is an adjective for being able to follow directions?

submissive or coersive or subserviant or loyal or a good team player

Classification of human acts?

elicited acts and commanded acts elicited acts - these are the actions w/c is done in the will alone commanded acts those acts involving both body and mind necessary to carry out the elicited acts