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Q: What is one thing that America received from the Adams-Onis Treaty?
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What related events go with the Treaty of Ghent?

there are many thing that are related to the treaty of ghent. the main ones are: the british sign treaty the Americans sign treaty treaty gets send to America

What did the treaty of fort stanwix result in?

There was one thing that come out of Fort Laramie treaty. Them one thing that the treaty did was made countries come to an agreement.

When does the antarctic treaty become extinct?

The Antarctic Treaty is a TREATY not a living thing so it can not become extinct.

Who signed the treaty of Israel?

There is no such thing as the "Treaty of Israel", so no country has signed it.

What was the treaty of wanghim?

a stupid thing! duhhh

Is America a country?

Yes, the United States of America were, in aggregate but still in plural, first given international recognition as independent states by the Treaty of Paris in 1783. The first nation to grant recognition to the "United States of America in Congress" was Morocco in 1786. It was not until after the ratification of the US Constitution in 1789 that the US began to gain international recognition as a single independent country. The Treaty of London of 1794 (also known as the Jay Treaty) was a significant milestone in that process.

What were the major provisions of the Treaty of Paris 1783?

The Treaty of Paris ended the American Revolution in 1783, thus leaving America a free nation. The immediate task was to elect a president, and George Washington was the obvious selection. America at this time had no army, no navy, and was in tons of debt because they owed money to everyone who had supplied them during the war.

What was one thing the British wanted in the Treaty of Paris?


Did the treaty of waitangi have anything to do with the land wars?

i thing yes

Who did not care about Germany in the Treaty of Versailles?

Fid the answer yourself, use you brain. The thing on your head. Yeah, that thing.

What was the main good thing accomplished by the john jay treaty?


What did Austria hope to gain from the Treaty of Versailles?

The only thing that Austria hoped to gain from the Treaty of Versailles was an end to WW I. They were defeated and wanted to stop fighting, so it was necessary to have a peace treaty.