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hit them down

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Congress can veto the President's decision on a bill.

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checks and balances

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Q: What is one way each branch can check another branch?
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Another way the separation of powers works is that it prevents one branch of government from taking power away from another branch of government how does this work?

The branches of government check up on each other.

Why do you think the executive branch is not allow to make laws?

If the executive branch was allowed to make laws it would upset the system of checks and balances each branch has on one another. The executive branch has a check on made laws in that it can veto them and send them back to the legislative branch. The legislative branch has a check on the veto in that it can vote the law through with a 2/3 majority

What is it called when one branch of government has power to check another?

Checks and Balance.

How does the legislative check the executive branch?

Through the veto power.

What is The name of he branch that doesnt allow one branch to beomce to powerful?

It is not a branch, but the theory that if power is divided between 3 branches of government that each will check the other and no one branch will get too powerful.

A system in which no one government branch has too much?

I would say that it is one with a system of checks and balances, so that each branch can check (or review and potentially limit) the power of another branch, and the branches of government thereby balance each other. For example, under the U. S. Constitution, the Judicial branch has the power and authority to review a law passed by the Legislative branch as to whether the law comports with the U. S. Constitution and, if not, declare it to be unconstitutional. The Legislative branch, in turn, has the power to then pass another law to replace the one earlier ruled unconstitutional. Also, the Legislative branch has to approve (or not) the appointment of a federal judge and to impeach and remove a federal judge once appointed who engages in unlawful behavior. Another example is that the Executive branch is empowered to implement and enforce laws, but the Legislative branch has to pass a budget to give the Executive branch the money to operate, thereby acting as a check on the Executive branch.

Is the check and balances system successful?

It is successful because it has limited the powers of each branch so that no one branch has more power than the other.

What is an example of the constitution granted different responsibilities to each branch of government?

Checks and balances. Power of one branch is balanced by powers of another.

What is the Constitution granting different responsibilities to each branch of government an example of?

Checks and balances. Power of one branch is balanced by powers of another.

What is the check and balances system of the us congress?

the method in which each branch has the power to restrain powers of the other branches, it is used to prevent abuse of one branch

What does it mean when your teacher says what are each branch's check on the other two?

what are the checks and balances that take place so one branch doesn't get too powerful

What is the social studies definition of checks and balances?

Power is shared between the 3 branches of government:Legislative,Judicial, and Executive. The power of one branch can be challenged by another. For example the legislative branch is in charge of making laws. The executive branch can veto that law, or the judicial branch can claim it unconstitutional. Each branch "checks" on one another to ensure its power is used properly, if not they intervene with one another to "balance" it.