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The progressives were (and are) always looking to progress further from the current state of living, economics, and such in a country. The progressives are responsible for actions such as labor unions, increasing minimum wage, and laws that influence the social aspect of a community. They often claim to be working for the common good, the good of the people.

The progressive movement seems to be a forward movement because it seeks to positively enhance living standards. Such as taking away the vending machines in a school to battle child obesity. It seems like a good end goal, but that is exactly the progressive state of mind-the ends justify the means. They often distract the public eye from the means with golden vision of the end goal.

The progressive movement is ultimately moves in a backward motion because it limits the "failing" aspect of success. Nobody seeks to fail, but failure is an important part of growing and developing. Progressives want to lighten the burden of the people but in the end, make it impossible for the people to carry any kind of load at all.

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Q: What is progressives and what ways in was it a forward looking movement and what ways was it a backward looking movement?
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