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It is significant because, at its creation, it was an experiment. It still is. When the Framers created it they knew they were creating a document for posterity and tried really hard to make a government that would work. They had to see ahead, and if they hadn't, then the Constitution would have failed because we would have changed and would have discarded it. We've changed, but the Constitution hasn't changed because the Framers were progressive enough to see what was going to happen in the future. The Framers knew full well that democracy was a fragile web that had to be sustained, and they wrote the Constitution knowing that it was not them but their children that would have to sustain it. That they did is a miracle in and of itself.

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The US Constitution is the longest lasting partly because of its short length. The broad language used allows for flexibility and modernization, shortness keeps it from becoming outdated, and the difficulty to make amendments increases its staying power.

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That is a misconception. The US has not had the longest lasting form of government, but the title goes to the Mayan Empire and the Chinese Empires for they have lasted over 3000 years and 2000 years, respectively.

Therefore, the US does not have the longest lasting government, but rather ruling under an emperor, not a dictator, has longer lasting governments.

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It isn't the longest lasting Constitution.

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Q: What is significant about the US Constitution lasting this long?
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