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focused on government and education what do they call these person?

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A form of local government organized provide education is called a what government?

school district

What is called education in spanish?

Education is called "educacion" in Spanish. Interestingly, someone who is "educado" is termed to be "polite", not necessarily "educated".

Someone with the power to run a business or a government is called what?

Someone with the power to command a government or business is called a chief executive. It is important to have someone responsible for difficult decisions.

What An education and career focused opportunity that connects classroom academies with supervised work experience is called?

School to work program (apex)

Which area of Canada is most focused on regionalism?

Mostly the 3 territories especially the most recent one called Nunavut. The federal government is most focused on regionalism. While every region has an interest in their own region it is the federal government most interested and able to use regionalism to their advantage.

What is it called if the government punishes someone without a trial?

A Bill of Attainder .

How many types of schools did the ancient Greeks have?

In ancient Greece, there were mainly three types of schools. Primary schools called "grammata" were attended by boys and girls where they received basic education in reading, writing, and arithmetic. Secondary schools known as "gymnasiums" were exclusive to boys and focused on physical education and a broader curriculum. Lastly, higher education institutions called "academies" or "philosophical schools" were attended by the elite and offered a more specialized education in philosophy, mathematics, and other subjects.

Is there a website about government loans online?

There is a website about government loans online. This website is called GovLoans. There is plenty of information there about all types of loans such as housing, education, and business.

What was the time of creativity and learning in Athens called?

name a democratic city state, in which there was a focus on government and education in aceint greece

What type of education or knowledge did the Aztecs use?

The Aztecs had a highly structured education system. Boys and girls were educated separately, with boys attending schools called calmecac and girls attending schools called telpochcalli. Education focused on practical skills, such as farming and craftsmanship, as well as religious and moral teachings. Oral tradition played a significant role in transmitting knowledge, but pictorial books called codices were also used for instruction.

A minor party focused party that's focused on solving a problem?

Is usually called an issue party.

What did the Wisconsin idea refer to?

The Wisconsin Idea brought public education to the government level. The state of Wisconsin developed the idea that public education should be funded through public funds, like state taxes. This also gives the government of Wisconsin the right to make laws to govern public education and to decide how the public funds are being spent towards education.