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The 2nd level in the United States of America's federal government system is state governments. Though state governments are sovereign from the federal government, they are considered to be part of it.

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State, States or State Government

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speaker of the house

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Q: What is the 2nd level in the federal government system?
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What is The only amendment in the Bill of Rights that explicitly addresses itself exclusively to the national government is the?

2nd admendment

What amendment is the government confiscates all guns from citizens?

What are you asking? There is no amendment in the U.S. constitution that allows the government to confiscate guns. The 2nd amendment guarantees U.S. citizens the right to bear arms.

What is the difference of a democrat and Republican?

Democrats and RepublicansDemocrats are generally more liberal. They believe in a larger federal government, and often implement tax plans to try to help the less privileged. They tend to believe the government must look for the greater good above the individual person in terms of well-fare and do what is necessary to make the populace more "equal". They assert that the values our country holds must evolve over time, and, therefore, tend to support such controversial choices as Pro Choice and gay marriage.Republicans are generally more conservative. They believe that the answers do not lay with the government generally, but rather with the people. They want less government interference and tend to believe more strongly in property rights and less strongly in well-fare rights, holding economic equity above equality. Many republicans are religious and tend to hold to the morals characterizing the Founding Fathers, which results in general disproval of abortions and, for some, gay marriage.To sum it up, Democrats lean toward equality under a large federal goverment. Republicans lean towards people looking after themselves and their neighbors under small federal government and strong state governments.

How would you organize a government so that it would be fairly easy to remove and replace officials who violated the constitutional limitations on their powers?

The same way the founding fathers designed our government; open grand juries where "anyone can appear" before it and "the grand jury can take its information from any source" - this would mean a simple move to indict the person for treason. And if the government refused to act on the indictment (or provided itself with absolute immunity), we could overthrow the government by force of arms (2nd amendment & constitutional commentaries section 379).

Which branch has the power to control spending?

In the United States, there are a few situations where more than one branch of the Federal Government can control the budget. What comes to mind first is the House of Representatives. They must "pass" budgets proposed by the US President. In addition all "money bills" must originate in the House. Now the President also has a role in controlling the budget. Even though the House may have allocated funds for a specific purpose, the President often has discretion whether to spend all the funds that have been allocated.

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Which part of the federal government was given the most impact over the people?

I believe the answer to this question is the the 2nd part

What was Jefferson role in federal government?

For more than being the 2nd vice-president, the 3 president, and the author of the Declaration of independence ... click on link below.

What do we mean by state government?

It is 2nd level government. In India it is not under central government and central govermnent cannot interfare in state govermnent work. It is elected by citizens of state. It can interfare in any issue related to state.

What are the functions of judiciary under system of gorvernment?

It is the Judicial Branch's job to interpret the Constitution. The Judicial Branch is in charge of the court system. There are three different kinds of courts found in the federal court system. The lowest level is the district courts. The 2nd level is the court of appeals. The top level is the Supreme Court. The power of Judicial Review gives the Supreme Court the right to overturn state laws and laws passed by Congress.

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