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Living constitution theory is a method of interpreting the Constitution that emphasizes the principles it embodies and their application to changing circumstances and needs.

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Q: What is the Living Constitution Theory?
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Which theory is the statement under the preamble?

The theory that best matches the preamble to the U.S. constitution is the will of the people. The preamble refortified the fact that the constitution was written by and for the people. This means the constitution continues to be a living document, since it governs the will of an entire nation. Without a democratic form of government, however, the constitution would simply be null and void.

Where in the constitution does it list the social contract theory?

The social contract theory is not listed by name in the US Constitution, though it is inferred in the Preamble to the US Constitution.

What is the term when courts use social norms to interpret the constitution and present laws?

The interpretive theory is known as contextualism, but judges or justices who are proponents of contextualism (and/or a Living Constitution) are often also accused of being judicial activists.

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the indian constitution

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Which political theory did the founding fathers rely on while drafting the constitution?

Social Contract Theory

What thinking interprets the Constitution represents evolutionist thinking?

The Living Constitution.

Who said the constitution is not a living organism?

Antonin Scalia, Supreme court justice. "The constitution is not a living organism, it is a legal document."

How did the new Texas constitution treat Mexicans living in Texas?

How did the new Texas Constitution treat Mexicans living in Texas?

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What was Charles Beard's theory about the constitution?

The founders of the Constitution formulated the document in a manner that fulfilled their economic endeavors.