What is the Pinckney Plan?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Pinckney Plan, the details of more than thirty provisions for a new constitution, was introduced by Charles Pinckney at the Constitutional Convention on May 29, 1787. Pinckney is credited with the notion of the separation of church and state; he is remembered for his stand on religious freedom. Pinckney is said to have coined the phrase, "the legislature of the United States shall pass no law on the subject of religion," though this wording does not appear until the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights (1789). Although Pinckney's original plan was lost, the details have been reconstructed from convention records.

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Q: What is the Pinckney Plan?
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Why does Charles Pinckney believe in the Bill of Rights?

Charles Pinckney was a signer of the Constitution. He signed the document because it incorporated points of his own plan within its pages.

What is the Pinckney committee?

Pinckney appointed a committee"to take into consideration the affairs of the nation", advocating in this connection an enlargement of the powers of Congress. The committee having been appointed, Pinckney was made chairman of a sub-committee which prepared a plan for amending the Articles of Confederation. In 1787 he was a delegate to the Federal constitutional convention, and on the same day (May 29) on which Edmund Randolph presented what is known as the Virginia plan, Pinckney presented a draft of a constitution which is known as the Pinckney plan. Although the Randolph resolutions were made the basis on which the new constitution was framed, Pinckney's plan seems to have been much drawn upon. Furthermore, Pinckney appears to have made valuable suggestions regarding phrasing and matters of detail. On the 18th of August he introduced a series of resolutions, and to him should probably be accredited the authorship of the substance of some thirty-one or thirty-two provisions of the constitution.

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