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Sometimes agencies themselves have support from various interest groups, which can clash with the views of the President. Congress also has influence over the government's bureaucracy.

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Q: What is the President's difficulty in controlling cabinet-level agencies?
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What are the agencies of social control in mass media?

There is no such thing as the agencies of social control in mass media but mass media is an agency of social control because it is a way of controlling the way we act.

What is an expample of bureaucratic imperialism?

Ability of macro (bigger)agencies and organizations controlling micro(smaller) agencies and organizations and limiting their effectiveness in program implementations

What is the name of the group of the presidents advisers?

The group that advises the President is his Cabinet. They are chosen by him to head the executive agencies and give him advice.

How does the EOP help presidents perform their duties?

The Cabinet and independent federal agencies are responsible for the day-to-day enforcement and administration of federal laws.

Who cannot lie?

Individuals with a condition known as Pseudologia fantastica, or pathological lying, may have difficulty controlling their urge to lie. However, some people believe that children below a certain age or individuals with certain neurological conditions may lack the capacity to lie.

What agencies are responsible in solving problems regarding illegal drugs?

These agencies tend to be locale-specific, and don't deal with "solving the drug problem," and moreso with "controlling the drug supply." In most American contexts, one could refer to the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) and local law enforcement. In Canada, the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) and local law enforcement have this jurisdiction. Most drug control agencies are detachments of local law enforcement and occasionally of broader-scope agencies.

Can Presidents request the extradition of a person for a crime committed in their State?

Congress doesn't have the power. The Congress is the LEGISLATIVE branch of the government. The Department of Justice (which is part of the EXECUTIVE branch of government - among other agencies) has the authority to take possession of prisoners who have violated federal law, from any state or US possession.

What is the difference between the presidents office now and the presidents office in George Washington's time?

The powers of the president are still the same as outlined in Article II of the US Constitution. There are more executive departments now as opposed to the Washington Administration. Washington had only four and George W. Bush has 15, in addition to several agencies.

What were the first services offered by advertising agencies?

At this time, advertising agents were largely space brokers agents who solicited ads from businesses and then sold them to newspapers that had difficulty getting out-of-town advertising (Lane, King, and Russell, 2005).

How do you hold social services responsible for a bad adoption?

There are no laws that would support litigation against a social service agency when the issue is adoption. The censuring of state agencies is done by the state attorney general and other controlling authorities, not by the individual.

What is the barried faced the community when the local govermnet emplement service activities?

The main barrier faced by the community when the local government implements service activities in controlling the spending. Government agencies are well known for overspending and cost over runs.

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There are a number of organizations and agencies that provide free legal aid and advice for individuals who are experiencing financial difficulty. These include the volunteer lawyers network and the citizens advice bureau.