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How do you hold social services responsible for a bad adoption?

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There are no laws that would support litigation against a social service agency when the issue is adoption. The censuring of state agencies is done by the state attorney general and other controlling authorities, not by the individual.

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The ABC's of Adopting Your First Child?

There are different laws for adopting children in different states, but there are some things that hold true everywhere. You must be over the age of 21, and the child that you are adopting has to be under 18 years of age. Another thing that is always true is that one must be either adopting alone, or if adopting with another person, must either be in a civil union or married.By far the most common and easiest way to adopt a child is through the use of an adoption agency. After applying at the agency, a social worker is assigned to your case to come investigate your home and family to see if the situation is appropriate for adoption. They will also ask to see various records, including medical and financial. This is the initial stage, and after the social worker finishes, the case will go to a vote before an adoption panel. If denied, the process ends here. If approved, the next stage begins, which includes selecting the child to be adopted.It is also possible to adopt a child without using an agency. This can be done initially through social services, which will need to be informed at least 90 days before putting in your application. In most states your adoption will go to a special branch of the court system that handles adoptions.Once your adoption goes before the judge, he or she can do a number of different things. If the child's parents agree to the adoption, the adopting parents will be made guardians of the child. If the child's parents do not agree, the court appoints a guardian, who then reports back to the court. All decisions are made with the child's best interest in mind.A month or so after the adoption proceedings in court, a hearing is held that determines whether the adoption has been filed correctly, and what the future timetable will be. At this point all you can do is wait.If the adoption goes through, the adoptive parents get legal rights to the child, and the original parents rights are severed. Adoption, once it goes through, is final. You now have a child.

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How do you abbreviate Masters of Applied Social Science Administration?

MAppSocSci (Admin)I hold a Masters of Social Science majoring in Counselling.

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