What is the brain of a car?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The engine

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Q: What is the brain of a car?
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Can the brain power a car?


Is a damaged brain similar to a damaged car engine?

Not really, the brain holds data thought and the abiltiy to live they are needed more than a car engine. Plus if we lose our brain we die. For a car, losing the engine means you need a replacement.

Can car accidens cause brain tumors?


What does it takes to build a car?

A brain, some metal?

What parts of the brain are used to drive a car?

all of them

How much is a brain box for a car?

Depends on car. I've seen them at around $150 to $10000

Where is 1997 intrepid computer brain located?

i have a 1997 dodge interpid and i would like to know where the brain is for that type of car

How do locate My car Viper alarm's Brain?

The brain of a car's alarm system is usually tucked under the dash on the driver side of the vehicle. Locating the brain may require removal of some panels beneath the steering wheel depending on the design of your vehicle.

What is the Brain teaser car in a square?

It is called Rush I believe.

What is a car brain?

That is a name for the computer.That is a name for the computer.

Why do cars need a motor?

motors are basically considered the brain of the car

Which areas of the brain are critical to the ability to safely drive a car?

The jaggmihoff